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March 2017. Ethiopia.


After the hell of Lake Assalé, after the night at the top of the Erta Alle volcano, after the encounter with the  divine at the top of the Gheralta, Addis Ababa opens its arms to us.


Ethiopia is poor, but its people are strong.


The country has never experienced colonization, despite a strong taste for pasta and pizzas, thanks to Italians who were a little intrusive but who were taken back to the border several times.


Despite their strength, these people have a difficult life. The constant rise in prices linked to the influx of expatriates does not make life easier for locals in Addis Ababa. Everything is negotiated hard. We look for work on signs covered with job offers on street corners. Women work as hard as men. Children do not have the same look in the city as in the countryside. The city captivates the traveler. The city smothers the anthill.


But the anger grows. And before a fratricidal war ravages, from 2020, these beautiful regions that I have crossed, I am doing this  premonitory meeting with this lawyer.  He invites me into his office, he entrusts me with his reality. His gaze is serious.



This fine art print is part of a limited series comprising 9 original copies of this photograph  (when all numbers are sold out, the photo is no longer available for sale),  as well as 2 artist's proofs. Both the printing techniques and the certificate attest to the quality "  top of the line  " Artwork.


A Numbered and Limited Edition

These 9 prints are printed in 3 different sizes:

  • 3 prints  in  30x30cm  (12x12in) or  28x35cm  (11x14in)
  • 3 prints  50x50cm  (20x20in) or  48x60cm  (19x24in)
  • 3 prints  90x90cm  (35x35in) or  80x100cm  (31x39in) 

…artist's proofs are printed in sizes that may vary. 


Certificate of authenticity

Each print is sold with a certificate of authenticity, signed manually. The certificate of authenticity is an added value to your print. It guarantees the uniqueness of the limited edition photo and protects against the risk of falsification.

The objective is to  guarantee the original and rare character of a work , which  constitutes its value.


Pulling Techniques

The work is printed on FineArt Canson Rag Photographique 310gr paper (or equivalent).

We use pigment inks, containing molecules of organic origin, encapsulated in a synthetic resin then placed in suspension in a liquid. The molecules of these pigments are much larger than those of dyes and therefore more resistant to light, humidity and gases (ozone among others). They meet the primary need for the preservation of prints.


Ready to hang (optional)

The work is laminated on a 3mm Aluminum plate (the most upscale), and mounted in an American box, for a striking result; it is then directly ready to be hung on the wall. If you want a different finish (no American body, no aluminum plate, that's also possible).



It is possible to pick up your unique print at the Studio, or to receive it directly at your home. Costs will be calculated automatically based on total weight and destination.

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