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Your Sublimated Creations

Packshot session of your products + high definition digital photos
This offer includes:

  1. Study and set up of the studio , according to your specifications
  2. Private link to all your photos to choose the preferred photos
  3. Sending selected photos in high definition format


Buy today, you have 1 year to use it.

Your Sublimated Creations


Your long experience is reflected in your extraordinary objects.

To share your talent with others, it is important to highlight these objects.


Arousing emotion, envy and desire requires very specific lighting. To do this, and on the basis of your brief, we will study your specifications together, and validate together the realization of your project. The luminous universe will then be created at Studio CKEIP.


At the end of the shooting, I will develop the photos, respecting the colorimetry of your objects, the partial retouching of the images, the compliance of the files (simple color, dusting, resizing, personalized ICC profile) , and to make available via a private Web link - photos free of rights.


IMPORTANT: the photos shown as an example were taken at Studio CKEIP with equipment dedicated to object photography. There has been no retouching on Photoshop on these examples. The advanced retouching service is possible at an additional cost according to your wishes.


The price per photo is variable depending on the desired volume: between 7 € and 28 €. So just choose the right package for the number of photos you want.


For any additional information, please contact the photographer at .

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