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Your Art Portrait

Photo session in Studio + 3 high definition digital photos

This offer includes:


  1. 1h30 of shooting , up to 3 light atmospheres,
    guidance to learn how to pose better
  2. One hour private screening
    to choose the preferred photo (s)
  3. 3 photos chosen by you ,
    and touched up by the photographer
  4. 1 FineArt print (15cm x 21cm)


Buy today, you have 1 year to use it.

In case of confinement, the period of use is automatically postponed by the same amount of time.

Your Art Portrait


Time passes too quickly. Our children are growing up. Our wrinkles tell our story a little more each day. Now may be a good time to sit down for a while. In a studio located in an area near Aix-en-Provence and above all in a relaxed atmosphere, we suggest you capture a series of attitudes with professional studio light. During this hour and a half, we are working on 3 different highlights. Do not hesitate to come with several outfits and / or accessories.


The goal is not only to take beautiful photos, but above all to leave you images that look like you. The number of views is unlimited.


At the end of the session, your photos will be developed with care and you will resume an appointment for a private projection of one hour to choose from a hundred photos minimum, the 3 photos in high definition digital format allowing you to print on all types of support (not included in the offer) and up to very large sizes. If you wish, you can also buy other digital photos, or order other prints of your photos, in different formats and according to your preferences (up to the large print in A2 format (59.4cm by 42cm), always in art print.


Digital photos will be sent no later than 5 days after your choice. The prints will be picked up at the studio a few days later, after the chosen photo (s) have been printed.

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