FineArt print 85 x 85 cm

Laminated on Dibond Alu 3mm

Mounted on a 20mm retractable Alu chassis



"There are these fucking days. The days when even before the coffee, you've taken your dose. Snakes coming down, pianos falling from the sky, full of emptiness or lead, loads of arrows. The days when your shoulders are shooting and your bellies are stone. The days when you know it's gonna be without. When the spark is ashes. Absence noticed. Miraculous backlighting. Because it usually takes trouble to extinguish the star - we have already given, long ago, in the dark nights. The fucking days when we join the army of others. Dull. Why not, after all, that's the way it is, yes, yes, I don't know, I don't feel. The days when no one's around, waiting for nothing, the distant future. The fucking days when you write on one line, over and over, left and right, over and over again. The words get blurred, the letters overlap, fight. And then you end up with this insipid pallisade. The days under the earth. The days of dreariness. The snail days, whose slowness exasperates. And then there are the others. Those of lilacs, lemons and splinters."


Virginie Galindo


This fine art print is part of a limited series comprising 30 original copies of a photograph (when all the numbers are exhausted, the photograph is no longer available for sale) .It is printed on FineArt Canson Rag Photographic paper 310gr, laminated on Dibond Aluminum 3mm (the most upscale), and mounted on a complete chassis in Alu retracting 20mm, for a better visual effect. It is directly ready to hang on the wall.


It is possible to mount your Dibond in a high-end American black or white box, for an even more sinking result. You can also order this art print in another size or mounted under a mat. Click here and contact me to know the possibilities and prices.


Each print is sold with a certificate of authenticity, signed manually. The certificate of authenticity is an added value to your print. It guarantees the uniqueness of the limited edition photo and protects against the risk of falsification.


Both the printing techniques and the certificate attest to the “high-end” quality of the work.