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< Pulse >

<pulse> is a collaborative story based on an original concept. Several artists have chosen each other and have imagined together a three-art conversation. Painting, photography and literature. Together, they play with matter, colour, words, light, movement, and share their sparks.


Each work is composed of a trio: a photograph, a painting, a literary text. It tells a story, and comes to touch the heart of the visitor and play with his imagination. A red thread is woven between the painting and the photograph, which then vibrate to the rhythm of the words that accompany them. <Pulse> symbolizes the impulses, the pulsations, the moments of breathlessness ... These moments of life, joy, anger, daydreaming, games, which make our hearts beat. A wide range of emotions and colours can be found in these works. They are on sale, together or separately.

Carte Postale Avant.png

These photos were exhibited in France in 2018,
at the Galerie Azimut in Aix-en-Provence,
at the Marty Gallery in Cannes,
and the Maison Buon in Marseilles.

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