Hellish, Divine and Urban

Ethiopia has been on my list since childhood. I grew up with so much contrasting information. The Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia, cradle of humanity, Lucy's birthplace 3.2 million years ago. Land of the Queen of Sheba. Land of famines mediatized at times of great audience. A country often at war with its neighbour Eritrea. A country that has always been resilient. A land of mountains. A land of volcanoes. A land of deserts. A country of beautiful people.


So many images and fantasies are rushing against each other. Ethiopia is complex. I'm attracted to her.


For this trip, the course was set on the Tigray and Danakil. I don't know yet, but these two regions will then resonate in me as a Divine and Hellish land. The forced passage to Addis Ababa will give me back the pleasure of disappearing into the crowd, my Leica in hand. To find the other one. Essential. Even before the image.

These photos were exhibited in May 2018,at the Gallery of the Studio de la Plage in Marseille FR.

Exhibition currently in Paris until Jan 9th 2019, at  Mercure Hotel Paris, Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.

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