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Ethiopia is poor, but its people are strong.


The country has never been colonized, despite a strong taste for pasta and pizzas, thanks to Italians who were a little invasive but were deported several times to the border.


Despite their strength, these people are living a difficult life. The constant rise in prices due to the influx of expatriates(1) does not make life any easier for the premises in Addis Ababa. Everything is hard to negotiate. We are looking for work on signs covered with job offers on street corners. Women work as hard as men. Children do not have the same view of the city as in the countryside. The city enchanted the traveller. The city is suffocating the anthill.


The country is massively developing its road and real estate infrastructure, reinforced by planes filled with Chinese immigrant workers. Better tomorrow? End of many traditions scheduled? Loss of identity? Let's enjoy the moment.


A smile will always find a smile.
Your kindness will always be rewarded.

(1) The United Nations has established one of these two main centres of activity in Africa, in Addis Ababa.

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